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Our Practice

Our health care group strives to provide the most qualified and highly trained physicians and health care professionals for your care. We stress the importance of providing affordable and accessible services without compromising the quality of care, and remaining keenly aware of the very personal, sensitive and confidential nature of our specialty. All women are treated equally here with respect and gentleness in a caring environment. 
At Macon GYN/OB we are proud of our highly skilled team of health care professionals who take your health seriously. Our job goes beyond diagnosing and treating them. We understand the importance of a kind word, a compassionate ear, and the warmth of a smile.


Monday to Thursday: 9am – 5pm
Friday: 9am – 1pm
We are closed for lunch 1pm – 2pm daily.
We can be reached after-hours through our answering service at 478-750-4858.

Prescription Refills

Prescription refills will be given during office hours only. Refills are discouraged after 5pm weekdays, weekends or holidays.
Please allow 48 hours for refill requests. We prefer refill requests to go to your pharmacist.

Telephone Calls

If you have any questions during normal hours, please call us at 478-745-7935.
Please tell our receptionist the nature of your call so she may direct you to the appropriate person. We will respond as promptly as possible.

After Hours Assistance

A physician is always available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for emergency situations. Please call our after-hours answering service at 478-750-4858.
You will be directed to our on-call physician who will respond promptly. Be prepared to tell the physician the exact nature of your problem and any medications you are taking.


Our office sees patients on an appointment basis only; however, emergencies will be seen immediately.  When you call you will be given the earliest possible appointment. In order to better schedule your appointment, our receptionist will ask you some specific questions about the nature of your problem.  This information is confidential and will be treated as such.  Appointments can be made several months in advance depending on the situation.
We try to honor your appointment time and we firmly believe in the value of your time. In our specialty, deliveries, surgical delays, and emergency patients may be the cause of unforeseen scheduling issues that cannot be anticipated. We thank you in advance for your understanding in these situations.
If these delays can be anticipated, you’ll be notified so that you are not inconvenienced. If the physician you are scheduled to see is unavoidably detained, you’ll be offered service by another physician or an appointment may be rescheduled at your discretion. If you need to cancel an appointment, please do so as far in advance as possible.


Our office accepts most insurance plans. At the time of your visit we will ask for your insurance card. Please be sure to have your card(s) with you. In today’s changing marketplace it is very important that you know if you have basic indemnity, PPO (preferred provider organization) or HMO (health maintenance organization) insurance coverage. This will help determine if you have restrictions on hospitals, labs and/or physicians. It will also make you aware of any deductibles, copayments, percentages and out-of-pocket expenses that may be your responsibility. It would also be helpful to find out before your appointment if your insurance provides wellness benefits.
Co-Pays are due at check-in.